Diamond Petroleum Ventures

An Industry Leader in Thermal Products

Diamond Thermal ProductsDiamond Petroleum Ventures specializes in the design, engineering, manufacturing and maintenance of Class 1 Div 2 thermal well heating units, thermal heating tanks and pressure pumps.

Decades of experience in oil and gas engineering and design combined with continual research and development has advanced Diamond Petroleum Ventures as a front-runner in the thermal product business.

As an ISNetworld member working in conjunction with several elite chemical companies, Diamond Petroleum Ventures offers clients a flameless thermal option that is safe, dependable and more efficient.


Diamond Petroleum Ventures offers clients a safe, dependable and efficient flameless thermal heating option.

The Badger by Diamond Petroleum Ventures


>> Diamond Petroleum Ventures Introduces The Badger:

The Badger, the industry’s first wireline deployed jet blasting tool for cleaning wellbore tubulars, is more efficient at cleaning tubulars than conventional wireline tools and is a fraction of the size and cost of comparable clean-out operations using coiled tubing. LEARN MORE AND SEE THE VIDEO