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The Industry's First Wireline Deployed Jet Blasting Tool for Cleaning Wellbore Tubulars

The Badger, the industry’s first wireline deployed jet blasting tool for cleaning wellbore tubulars, is more efficient at cleaning tubulars than conventional wireline tools and is a fraction of the size and cost of comparable clean-out operations using coiled tubing.

This patent-pending tool by Diamond Petroleum Ventures features flexible elements to maintain a soft seal with tubing walls, enabling pump-down and jetting operations. Inlet ports allow fluid bypass for jetting and heated fluids and chemical solvents are pumped through the tool, bypassing the sealing elements. Heated fluids and chemical solvents emerge through jet ports providing aggressive turbulence for washing paraffin and debris.

The Badger is lowered into the well on heavy 5/16” wire to ensure strong and successful retrieval. The tool easily deploys through gas lift mandrels, low profile nipples and SCSSVs. Forward thrust blasts downward as the tool approaches the debris and aggressive turbulence attacks the debris as the tool burrows its way down, cleaning the tubing to the wall.

Once the tubing has been cleaned, The Badger is shifted to allow bypass on retrieval preventing swabbing on the return trip to the surface.

The Badger fiercely attacks paraffin and debris as it burrows through tubulars leaving them clean to the wall. Click to contact Diamond Petroleum Ventures today or call us at 337-704-9700 to learn more.

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